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Timeless Moments Of
Wedding Romance

We wanted to create memories that resemble emotions and personality because these moments are priceless for you…..

About Our Services

Centre Stage provides a wide range of good services to make your event priceless. The expertise and skills which Centre Stage has the real potential to cater to your every need


Elevate your beauty with our expert makeup artists, transforming you into a mesmerizing vision on your special day.


Unlock the brilliance of talented artists as we manage and curate the perfect entertainment for your unforgettable event.


A vast collection of top-notch event equipment and props, ensuring a seamless and enchanting experience for you and your guests.


Delight your taste buds with delectable culinary delights tailored to your preferences, adding flavor to your celebration.


Immerse yourself in the epitome of gracious service and warmth, as our hospitality team ensures every guest feels cherished.


Set the stage ablaze with captivating performances, crafted by our skilled choreographers to leave your guests spellbound.


From theme conception to intricate details, our designers curate an aesthetic wonderland that breathes life into your vision.


Transforming spaces into ethereal wonders, our decor artists infuse magic and charm, making your event truly exceptional.


Preserve your cherished moments forever with our talented photographers and videographers, capturing emotions in frames.


Discover the perfect venue to host your dreams, offering an array of exquisite locations for a magical celebration.


Impress your guests with unique and personalized invitations, complemented by thoughtful goodies, making them feel cherished.

Make your occasion special and unique with us.

Centre Stage is ideal for Weddings, Receptions, Engagements, sangeets, Birthdays, and other social events. The newly engineered infrastructure and interior are all set to welcome you.

Affordable Wedding Planner & Events Coordinator


With years of expertise and skills, Centre Stage has become specialised in every Ceremonial Function.

Main Ceremony

Centre Stage specialises in Big Fat Weddings and is the one-stop solution for all your wedding planning needs.

Wedding Party

A wedding is the most beautiful day of your life; thus, we want to take advantage of every chance to please you with our eye-catching engagement.


What more we offer you?

Centre Stage is an ideal wedding ceremony destination with a fashionable and steeply-priced banqueting centre,
but we deliver other things to our clients.

Wedding Ceremony

Plan your wedding for a guarantee of a great event with centre Stage to create incredible memories.

Office Party

Office party event planning is like an art form; if it is done correctly with centre-stage assistance, it is worth cherishing.

Baby Naming Ceremony

Office party event planning is like an art form; if it is done correctly with centre-stage assistance, it is worth cherishing.

Annaprashan Ceremony

The Centre stage knows that the Annaprashan ceremony signifies the next step in your baby’s growth.

Sangeet Night Party

A sangeet night is about which side of the family wins - the groom's or the bride’s side. So let's catch up with the Centre stage and be sangeet ready.

Birthday Party

Office party event planning is like an art form; if it is done correctly with centre-stage assistance, it is worth cherishing.

What our clients say


Doing my Daughter’s marriage with Centre stage was my best choice, and I am thankful to every staff and crew of Centre stage.


We recently have done an event for one celebrity with the help of centre stage. I just loved their whole arrangement and their hospitality.


One of my friends has suggested me centre stage for our office party event, so we selected them. Guys picking centre stage was our best decision.